Book Review: Untitled by Blaine Hogan


The Bottom Line

“Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process” is Blaine Hogan’s manifesto to other creative artists in the church. The title comes from that place of dread that anyone who has ever attempted a creative endeavor knows too well: The Blank Page.

What follows is a collection of thoughts derived as I’ve wrestled with my own creative process of filling blank pages, and I now offer them to you.
from the introduction.

That may not sound like a mind-blowingly, powerful beginning, but Blaine delivers. The lessons he has learned are worth your time. The book is great material for reading together with any team at a church or ministry that is creatively telling the Gospel. Blaine’s writing style is approachable and disarming and naturally leads into discussion.

The book is divided into 4 movements:

Movement I: The Work
Movement II: The Inside Out (and other philosophies)
Movement III: Fear, Failure, and Making Mistakes
Movement IV: Worth It

I should note that I read this book on my iPad and, therefore, do not have page numbers for my quotes. The quotes are from each specific movement. Although the book was written in July of 2011, I expect it to be relevant for many years.

Keep thinking! Continue reading.