Video Directing 101


Nothing else can connect a person to another moment like video. When used well, video can influence the way we feel and think and even what we do. It has shaped how we view and elect government officials, our entertainment, our news, our education, and the songs and narrative of our culture. Video has created the society we live in (and not just for the better, obviously).

Ultimately, video is a means of telling a story.

The early church invested heavily in distributing the story of the Gospel and the letters of the Apostles. Back then, the production of vellum, papyrus, and ink was high tech… and expensive. The church has always used the most advanced means at their disposal to communicate the Gospel. Video is no different.

My hope is that this series will empower you to use live video to creatively and effectively communicate the story of God at work in your community.

Camera Placement

The Establishing Shot

The purpose of the establishing shot is to provide context for your viewers.
Sections include: What is an Establishing Shot?, Why do I need it?, An Example

Telling a Story

The goal of directing is to tell a story. To capture the right elements, you will need to position your cameras well.
Sections include: What Story?, The 1 Camera Dilemma, Capturing verses Creating

Camera Placement

Practical tips and examples for placing a camera on a riser and in a room.
Sections include: Using a Camera Riser, Camera Placement for Broadcast, Camera Placement for IMAG.

Avoid this Common Mistake

Identifying the wrong way to position your cameras. By following the advice in this post, you can lay the proper foundation to significantly improve directing.
Sections include: Reference Direction Continuity, What Do We Want? More Information. When Do We Want it? Now., Conclusion – Video that Feels Live.



The mechanics of directing a live event. Navigating the ebb and flow of the video dance.
Sections include: Pacing and the Sermon, Always be Ready for the Next Event

Song Samples

Two songs from our Christmas Eve service with 11 points of feedback for improving directing skills.

4 Ideas to Improve your Online Video

I discuss the need to prepare, pretend, recognize, and copy.

Camera Assignments and Framing

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Using Special Effects

Coming Soon!

The Control Room

Intercom Communication

Helpful tips and considerations. The directors first audience is his team and then the world.
7 tips that will create a framework for great headset communication.

Tools of the Trade

Coming Soon!

Positions and Responsibilities

Coming Soon!

Camera Shading

Please see this Broadcast Engineering article on Camera Shading Basics for a solid introduction to this important area.


2 thoughts on “Video Directing 101

  1. These are fantastic – practical and cut to the the many issues we novices face. Thank you so much! Can’t wait for the “Camera Assignments”, “Transitions” and “Tools of the Trade”.

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