My Interview on Church Tech Profiles

Being a Tech Director can be a lonely, misunderstood job in a world surrounded by hard driving pastors and demanding creatives. It’s your job to make it all work; often with little time and little budget. And although we love the challenge, serving the church staff and the people of God can be overwhelming and take it’s toll on health and family.

In 2012, I had the opportunity to talk with Van Metschke for his podcast Church Tech Profiles. If you’ve never met Van, he is a gifted tech director with a passion for helping other techs not only be more effective, but spiritually healthy. Often, he will be seen with Mike Sessler and other members of the Tech Arts Network.

These guys are making a difference in the lives of technical artists and I feel like I struck gold when I became aware of what they were doing.

I think I eventually calmed down enough to speak a coherent sentence. I hope you enjoy this:

For more information on what Van is up to, check out his blog or catch up with him on twitter.

This seems like a good opportunity to plug another recommendation–if you volunteer or work on staff in the technical area at a church, don’t walk alone. Join the community of Church Technical Leaders.


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