A martian, a critic, and Jesus

Marvin The Martian

No one likes to be criticized. Especially for their art.
So how do we respond to critics?
What can we learn from Jesus and how He responded to His critics?

As you read through the New Testament you can see this coming from a mile away. Eventually, Jesus and the Jewish leaders are going to have it out. Often, they confront Jesus with a critical question hoping to trap Him.

Jesus’ response to their subterfuge is instructive. He answers them. Wow. Before you think about how he responded, just consider that simple fact. Today, our politicians have made not answering critics an art form. They actually take classes and study film to perfect their non-answers. I think this plague is infecting leaders all across our society.

The creator of the universe who doesn’t have to answer to anyone for anything, answers these snivelingly, wimpy, contentious, backbiting (hold on… I’ll tell you how I really feel in a moment), self-seeking, scheming, pompous, sententious hypocrites.

I’m not usually gracious to my critics. My initial response is too often anger. I think things like, “Who do they think they are, I’ve forgotten more than they’ll ever know!” Or the always lovely, “I don’t have to answer to you!”
We dismiss others when we believe they are insignificant.

Jesus wasn’t passive, but He was magnanimous towards critics.

What if we applied that principle in our roles as spouse, parent, friend, leader and coworker?


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