2013 Year in Review

I started Technically Thinking on January 1, 2013. I enjoy writing to help me work through my own thoughts and getting feedback from others is a great plus. I am grateful for everyone who has taken the time to read (and even post comments) about these important topics. I am grateful to have you along for the ride in this process of technically thinking. Thank you.

Here’s my year in review.

Top 5 Posts By Views

Video Directing 101: Camera Placement – This post included practical tips and examples for placing a camera on a riser and in a room. Sections include: Using a Camera Riser, Camera Placement for Broadcast, Camera Placement for IMAG.

Why Am I so Angry? – My answer to a lot of the criticism and diatribe I hear leveled against the church. Is the Church flawed? Of course. That’s why we are commanded to love and forgive. (Because we are in fellowship with people who aren’t deserving of love or forgiveness. Just like us.) Christian cynics love to “tell it like it is” although they are not very receptive to a dose of their own medicine. This post received more than twice the views as my follow up: Why Am I so Angry: The Coffee Shop Conversation . Which just goes to show you – say it right the first time!

Video Directing 101: The Establishing Shot – This post launched my Video Directing series. I contend that the purpose of the establishing shot is to provide context for your viewers.
Sections include: What is an Establishing Shot?, Why do I need it?, An Example

A Theology Of Pipe Smoking – My first post on Technically Thinking and something I actually wrote before starting this blog. Not sure if it actually fits into my chosen genre. Apparently, I’m not the only one wanting to link pipe smoking and theology.

Book Review: The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch – I enjoyed this book immensely since it challenged my thinking. Trying to come to terms with the issues it raises and the implications for ministry led me to write the post. These ideas are worth exploring and digging into.

Top 5 Ideas About the Church

Although I work in the Technical Arts, I have a strong passion for seeing the church live up to her scriptural commission. To that end, I often think about the way we do church. That’s what this next group explores.

Why I Kissed Excellence Goodbye – I hear a lot of talk about excellence when it comes to Technical Arts. I’m pushing back. And I think I’ve come up with something that’s better than excellence.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? – A fellow tech asked, “Should I even be here?” This was my answer. Seasons change. I offer some guidelines on helping make the important decision of staying with a church or pursuing something new.

Lab or Factory or Church – A post by Seth Godin started this thinking about the environments that our church leaders are creating. Are they rigid or flexible? Do they allow for failure as we innovate? Are we more synonymous with assembly line workers or lab technicians?

The Anti-Artist – When it comes to art, some people just don’t get it. Then there are others who are actively hostile toward creativity and artists in the church. Let’s just say, I’m not pleased.

Think Free – I examine some trends in education and the implications they could have for the church as we strive to fulfill our number one calling: Go and make disciples. There is a better way to do the work of the church than just feed the organizational monster. One of the keys is to release the power of self-organization.

A Few Personal Favorites

A Tale of Two Sacrifices – I heard an excellent sermon by Dr. Chris Green that I, of course, applied to the way we do church. Comparing Abraham’s decisions in sacrificing Ishmael and Isaac teaches us about following God.
Favorite line: The promise cannot properly develop as long as our strategized substitute is in the way.

Book Review: Untitled by Blaine Hogan – When it comes to our art and creative projects, Blaine exposes what we already know to be true, we can do better, but he also has us believing that we can be better. That is the gift of this manifesto. I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t realize, until Blaine unmasked my compromises, how much I needed to be freshly challenged to recommit my whole self to my projects and not be satisfied with less than my best.

No. No. NO! A Ministry Recruitment Video – Coming up with a recruitment video can be drudgery. Especially if the pastor of that area wants testimonies in front of a black curtain. Ugh! I would like to do better than that. I think we came up with a winner here for the Children’s ministry. After the promo, I added some script suggestions and pointers to aid in the creation of your own promos.
Favorite lines: “She is weeping. She is lonely. She is holding a kitten … it’s beginning to rain. She needs you! Don’t you care? Where are you?”

There’s my lists. Thanks again for helping to make 2013 a great year.


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